Leading Producer of

Construction Aggregates

SIVAM SHANKARAM Pvt Ltd is the largest crushed stone aggregates supplier to the construction industry across India. Over a decade, Sivam Shankaram has built a reputation as a premier aggregate provider by maintaining state-of-the-art R&D, manufacturing and quality control infrastructure for being able to deliver cost-effective and innovative building solutions to meet a variety of requirements that revolve around the customer’s needs.

Our Promise To

We believe factors like environmental, economic and quality must be a top priority along our value chain.

Environmental Friendly

We are dedicated to environmental-friendly practices to achieve environmental conservation effectively through a systematic approach. The use of aggregates reduces air pollution in and around the worksite.

Economical Friendly

Our aggregates are economical with no compromise on quality. Our quality standards ensure standard quality and absence of detrimental materials.


The quality of our products has taken us to stand in this position. So, we set the standard for the quality of our products and never compromise on it we drive by.

The Alternatives For Sand

We are producing superior alternatives to river sand for the construction industry. Rocksand is produced by rock-crushing methods using state-of-the-art plant & machinery backed by world-class technology.

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